Watch Straps

Premium Hand Made Leather Watch Straps

ostrich leather watch strap

Handmade luxury watch straps made from calfskin, ostrich leather & repurposed Swiss Army ammo pouches.

Just like our belts, the watch straps are handmade with care & fine craftsmanship. Edges are beveled & burnished, no rubber paint used, like shop-bought straps.

Available in a range of colours and width fittings – 22mm 24mm & 26mm to suit such watch brands as Panerai, IWC and Bell & Ross.


ostrich leather watch strap

24mm ostrich leather strap

24mm swiss ammo strap

Swiss Ammo Pouch watch strap 24mm

swiss ammo pouch watch strap

24mm Swiss Ammo Strap

B & R Handmade ostrich watch strap

Bell & Ross BR01 Strap in Ostrich Leather