Handmade Leather Backpack

Introducing the Leatherback Backpack.

Hand made in England using the finest of materials.

handmade leather backpack
The Leatherback Backpack

Like all my products, this is a nod to days gone by when products were built to last for generations and were made by hand, with care, pride, skill and craftsmanship, using the finest available materials.

bespoke leather bag

The Leatherback is made from premium full-grain English vegetable tanned leather with nickel-plated solid brass fittings.

black and chestnut coloured leatherback backpacks

Choose from Black or Chestnut colours

Having made several leather bags for my personal use in recent years & been stopped by countless people asking where I bought them, I was finally persuaded to make a ‘production’ leather backpack, but I didn’t want it to be like the hundreds of other nondescript bags on the market.

inside view leatherback back-pack

back view leatherback rucksacks