Handmade Leather Backpack

Introducing the Leatherback Backpack.

Hand made in England using the finest of materials.

handmade leather backpack
The Leatherback Backpack

Like all my products, this is a nod to days gone by when products were built to last for generations and were made by hand, with care, pride, skill and craftsmanship, using the finest available materials.

bespoke leather bag

The Leatherback is made from premium full-grain English vegetable tanned leather with nickel-plated solid brass fittings.

black and chestnut coloured leatherback backpacks

Choose from Black or Chestnut colours

Having made several leather bags for my personal use in recent years & been stopped by countless people asking where I bought them, I was finally persuaded to make a ‘production’ leather backpack, but I didn’t want it to be like the hundreds of other nondescript bags on the market.

In many ways this bag is as much a piece of art as a piece of luggage. It has a unique minimalist look yet it’s still a highly practical item, designed & built for use by adventurous travellers, discerning city-workers or active sportspeople of today.

My buyers are very discerning & don’t like to be ‘one of the herd’. This is why I’ve spent an extremely long time perfecting the design of the Leatherback – ensuring it’s not only supremely practical & durable but also visually striking.
A word of caution though – If you’re a frequent traveller, I’m afraid you will probably have to start allowing extra time for passing through airports & stations when carrying this bag as (I’ve already experienced) you’ll be constantly asked about it by fellow passengers & airport staff!

One more thing – owing to the low numbers I have the capacity to produce, you’re highly unlikely to ever see anyone else with one.

inside view leatherback back-pack

The backpack can be worn like any other, with its wide, comfortable English bridle leather shoulder straps. It can also be carried by its top carry-handle. Lastly, the shoulder straps can be snapped together end-to-end, giving the option to wear it as a single-strap messenger bag.

The top flap is secured with a special catch that only releases when pinched & pulled upwards. Unlike magnetic catches or traditional snaps, anyone trying to open the bag by tugging at the flap will have no success.

Inside the bag there is a main compartment, a separate compartment big enough for a 15” laptop or tablet, plus a centrally placed smartphone pocket and two pen holders. There is also a leather strap with a trigger-snap on the end for easy retrieval of any keys you might wish t attach, meaning you won’t need to rummage around the bottom of the backpack to find them.


back view leatherback rucksacks

Width: 325mm / 12.75in
Height: 450mm / 17.75in
Depth: 140mm / 5.5in

The Leatherback is comfortably within regulation sizing for airline carry-on baggage yet still manages to hold all of the essentials.


Leather – Thick (3mm) vegetable-tanned full grain leather. This leather will look even more appealing over time as it develops its own patina from daily use & abuse.

Hardware – Fittings used are solid brass, sand-cast, hand-finished and nickel-plated in a traditional foundry here in the UK. Super-strong & great looking. Simple and honest with none of those cheap, brittle zinc alloy components used in most bags available in stores, whose plating peels off and starts to look scruffy in no time.

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