Damascus Belt – Sizing, Colours etc..

In order to complete your Kickstarter backer’s survey you’ll need to know what size to order, as well as the colour of leather you want and also your preferred Damascus steel pattern.

There are 3 colours of leather to choose from – London Tan, Dark Oak and Black.

There are 2 patterns of Damascus steel – Twist and Raindrop. The twist pattern is the one that looks a lot like woodgrain. Raindrop is self-explanatory – like raindrops on water. Forging Damascus steel is an inexact science though, so there might also be elements of the twist pattern creeping in. This is in part what makes each buckle unique. See the image below for a reminder of the 3 colours & 2 Damascus patterns.

Leather Colours & Damascus Patterns


Belt Sizing – How To Measure For A Perfect Fit

All belts are 1.5 inches (38mm) wide.

The belts come in two-inch increments of length.
26″ 28″ 30″ 32″ 34″ 36″ 38″ 40″ 42″ 44″ 46″ 48″
These sizes are measured from the end of the buckle to the centre hole of the five adjustment holes on the belt.
This will give you two inches either way, allowing you to go up or down by 2″ and still fit the belt.

firefighter belt waist measuring chart


This measurement almost certainly won’t be the same as your waist size or the size you buy your jeans in! This is because most people wear their trousers more on their hips than their waist and also because, if you measured yourself over the top of a pair of trousers, you’d find that the measurement was likely a couple of inches more than expected because of the added bulk of the fabric.

So…in order to ensure a perfect fit first time, the absolute best way to find out what size belt you need is to measure a belt you already own and which fits you well. Go from the outer end of the buckle to the hole that you normally use.
This is the measurement that we need to know. We’ll make your new belt this same length, to the centre hole.

If you don’t have another belt to measure then please do at least add two inches to the waist size you buy your jeans in – you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark but measuring a belt that fits you, as detailed above is a much better way.